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    GET PAID !

Join the moviejaySX affiliate program and start earning by promoting our moviejaySX playout application and subscription plans. Each new customer you refer boosts your earnings based on their subscription choice. Share your genuine feedback and experiences, and watch your rewards grow.

This sponsorship is perfect for a variety of content types, including YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and social media platforms. And there’s more, you’ll enhance your audience’s understanding on how to integrate playout automation in their workflow and boost their viewers’ watching experience.

What we offer

We are pleased to offer a 30% commission rate for every sale generated through your website, social media account, or YouTube channel. To further incentivize your customers, it’s your choice to offer a percentage of your commission as a special coupon, which will be applied exclusively when the order is made through you as an affiliate.


Do you want to discuss your special marketing plans ? Reach out to ensure the best possible outcome.


    As an affiliate, your main focus will be on promoting the moviejaySX software and drive customer subscriptions, while our dedicated support team will handle all end-user support inquiries. Let’s explore the key benefits in detail.

    Wherever you promote the moviejaySX playout, you can delve into a plethora of topics, from highlighting its benefits to creating captivating tutorials diving into the many available features. Get inspiration and start making an impact today !

    Enhance your promotional campaigns with our high-quality press images, from corporate logos to the moviejaySX user-interface. Browse our visual assets to enhance your marketing efforts and captivate your audience.

    Ready to join us as a sponsor?

    The moviejaySX affiliate program is an opportunity for YouTubers and podcasters to partner with a leading playout application. As an ambassador for moviejaySX, you will use your platform to spread the word about moviejaySX — and get rewarded for your work.

    You don’t need to run a website or blog to be an affiliate. You can generate traffic through your YouTube channel, leveraging video content to attract viewers, or any social media platform using posts, stories, and ads to engage your audience.

    Whenever any potential customer clicks on your referral link, cookies will take note of such activity. When the customer returns and makes a purchase within 30 days, even without using the referral link again, you will still receive a commission for that sale.

    Our affiliate program offers a 30% revenue share on all plan renewals, ensuring continuous income for our partners.

    Yes, we will provide you with all the marketing materials, graphics, ideas and content necessary to be successfull in promoting the program.