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Promotional ideas

Whether you promote the moviejaySX playout on your blog, YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or social media platforms, you can delve into various topics, from highlighting its benefits to creating detailed tutorials.

Even if your content isn’t exclusively about moviejaySX, you can still include an affiliate link in your description, letting viewers know how your live stream runs so smoothly. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

Intro and Benefits

What is playout

A quick journey into this crucial aspect of broadcasting

Dive into the fascinating journey of playout technology, uncovering the intricate workflow, equipment and software aimed to seamlessly blend diverse media content. Unveil its key features and understand why playout is so crucial for providing your audience with an unparalleled viewing experience. For further insights, don’t miss the insightful answers in the FAQ section.

Game changing benefits

of integrating moviejaySX playout into your assets

This article explores the advantages of integrating playout automation software with OBS or similar applications, highlighting why it might be the ideal choice not only for over-the-air broadcasters, but even for streamers looking to improve their experience.

The power of 24/7 streaming

Leveraging a 24/7 YouTube live stream can significantly boost your visibility and engagement.

With ever increasing competition, many YouTube creators struggle to grow their views. You are aware that views and engagement are the key for the success and growth of your channel and to stand out, you need a unique strategy that draws more eyes to your content.

How to add a playlist to OBS

Adding playlist features into OBS can be a real game-changer.

Learn how to run a basic playlist on OBS, understand its features and limitations, and discover how integrating moviejaySX’s advanced playlist features can fully automate the playback of mixed media files, ensuring a smooth and professional broadcast.

Tutorials & How-To

How to play NDI feeds

Show how to integrate OBS into moviejaySX playlist

This guide explains how to play an external feed produced from OBS into the moviejaySX playlist via the NDI protocol.

How to output to NDI

The other way: play from moviejaySX into OBS

This guide explains how to receive the output signal from the moviejaySX into OBS via the NDI protocol.

Powerful overlays: the CG module

Show how to integrate OBS into moviejaySX playlist

A quick journey into the moviejaySX CG, the one-step away channel branding module with its captivating on-screen graphics to leave a lasting impact on your audience.


How to run an automated music television channel

A journey into the moviejaySX Music Pack

Running a music television channel could easily turn into a nightmare should you pretend to arrange the playlist and overlays manually. Why the moviejaySX Music Pack stands out as a game changing solution? Let’s dive in and find out.

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