logjayVX radio compliance logging main application screen


The multichannel capture and legal logger

Step right into state-of-the-art audio capture and compliance logging. logjayVX is carefully engineered for real-time capture and logging, offering unmatched reliability from broadcast grade to any off-the-shelf sound card. The application works as hands-on, scheduled capture or long time compliance logging of the latest 30 days of your broadcast (or more). Just set how many days to care about and forget it. logjayVX will capture non-stop 24/7 and even purge the oldest recording automatically to make space for the new ones. Stay compliant with your local broadcasting authority effortlessly.

logjayVX radio compliance logging - any harware support

Use any hardware

Experience the full power of logjayVX without the burden of any specialized hardware or expensive sound cards. Our careful engineering ensures a remarkably light CPU load and exceptional performance, starting from any off-the-shelf core i5 workstation. Seamlessly integrating with a wide array of WDM sound cards from top-tier manufacturers, logjayVX offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility. Now, you can effortlessly choose from an extensive selection of hardware configurations that perfectly align with your specific requirements and budget, always delivering unmatched performance.

logjayVX radio compliance logging - fully scalable multichannel framework

Scale as you grow

logjayVX is engineered on a flexible and fully scalable framework, offering the freedom to operate anywhere from just 1 up to 8 channels on a single capture server. Did you started with just one channel and need more for your growing business? The fully scalable approach lets you grow higher by effortlessly adding more channels and features whenever required. logjayHX is a budget-friendly solution that scales as your business does.

Recording scheduler

Schedule recordings

LogjayVX not only keeps track of your latest 30 days of broadcast: recordings can be easily scheduled or started/stopped by external triggering. This way, LogjayVX not only acts as compliance logger, but will also turn invaluable for automated capture of satellite news or any other incoming audio.

LAN playback

Play from everywhere

A dedicated playback application is provided to browse and retrieve recorded segments from any workstation in your LAN: multiple users will be enabled to teamwork on commonly available media, while the logjayVX recorder module continues on its task to to capture incoming audio.

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