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The professional channel-in-a-box

Introducing moviejaySX, the broadcast-grade TV playout automation that fits right into a channel-in-a-box approach. Seamlessly integrated with a playlist scheduler, multilayer CG editor, GPU accellerated h264 & h265 streaming/IP output, SRT & CBR encoder, μMAM (micro MAM) and audio processor features, moviejaySX ensures top-class content delivery with mixed HD, 4K and 8K multiformat playout. Whether you’re a webcaster, local channel, or multi-channel satellite uplink provider, we’ve got you covered with a cost effective solution staying well within your budget.

Play any format

Whether you’re a netcaster or broadcaster, you can now focus on delivering high-quality content without the burden of tedious technical hassles or wasting your valuable resources on time-consuming format conversion procedures. The direct file playout from NLE with no transcoding handles a wide range of media types effortlessly. A cutting-edge engineering allows multiple codec playout in the same playlist with adaptive resolution, up/down scaling, aspect ratio and frame rate adjustment, offering a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for modern broadcasters seeking top-notch performance.

moviejaySX TV playout automation supported file formats and codecs
moviejaySX TV playout automation fullHD, 4K and 8K support

Experience unparalleled video quality with our cutting-edge playout engine. Now, you can effortlessly capture and playback content in stunning full resolution, whether it’s Ultra HD, 4K, or even 8K videos, all while ensuring seamless compatibility with all SD and HD-SDI equipment. Witness the incredible power of up to 16 times the resolution of standard 1080 HD video, boasting an impressive 7680 x 4320 image size. Such capability makes moviejaySX the ultimate choice for broadcasters tasked with managing a diverse library of mixed media content.

CG & channel branding

moviejaySX TV playout automation with CG overlay enabledmoviejaySX TV playout automation with CG overlay disabled

Experience the power of our cutting-edge integrated CG engine, taking you from basic station watermarks to awe-inspiring projects with multiple layers of impactful graphics. Enhance your content with the picture squeeze feature making channel branding just one click away. Whether it is a live event or filed media, the moviejaySX CG overlays immersive and captivating on-screen graphics that enhance the viewers’ experience, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. The highly intuitive CG Editor enables you to effortlessly position and manipulate various objects on your screen with a simple drag and drop. Unleash your creativity with ease as you add captivating elements like eye-catching text, stunning images, crawl and roll tickers, HTML5 animations, subtitles, real-time RSS feeds, dynamic XML tables, and much more.

Playlist scheduling board

Exact scheduling

Discover the moviejaySX integrated playlist manager: carefully engineered to effortlessly compile, save and run your daily schedule at the exact desired time, with a mere handful of clicks!
But that’s not the end of it: our scheduler goes beyond the basics, providing a suite of cutting-edge features. From managing forced events to swapping logos, loading graphics projects, switching between live and network feeds, and a host of additional capabilities that make it the hub of the whole automation system.

Stream to
Constant Bitrate SRT

moviejaySX TV playout automation supports SRT Constant Bitrate Secure Reliable Transport

Experience ultra-low latency live streaming thanks to Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). Picture this: as data gracefully flows from source to destination, SRT detects and adapts to real-time network bottlenecks between the endpoints. SRT steps in, and helps compensate for jitter and bandwidth fluctuations due to congestion over noisy networks to deliver the highest quality and lowest latency for an unrivaled streaming experience at all times.

Run a music channel

moviejaySX empowers effortless management of a fully automated music channel. Discover the power of the Music Pack plug-in and enjoy the folder-based clip playback with seamless randomization and style rotation, enhanced by captivating real-time graphic overlays featuring current clip title and artist, coming next track, all based on animated HTML5 banners. Embrace the groundbreaking shuffle feature, ensuring each clip within a folder gets its time in the spotlight before being selected again.

moviejaySX TV playout automation support for NDI input and output

NDI is a robust IP video protocol developed by NewTek, enabling seamless and high-quality transmission of video, audio, and metadata over standard IP networks. moviejaySX fully implements NDI input and output into the playlist, allowing to easily receive, integrate and redistribute video content to multiple destinations, such as monitors, switchers, or NDI-enabled devices and applications such as OBS, XSplit, and many others, without the need for specialized video cables or complex routing systems. This simplifies the setup process, reduces infrastructure costs, and provides unparalleled flexibility.

Use any card

moviejaySX boasts a compelling advantage by providing native driver support for a wide range of video input/output cards from leading manufacturers. This greatly enhances the software’s flexibility and compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with various hardware setups and contributing to a highly reliable broadcasting environment. As a broadcaster, you can now effortlessly select from an extensive range of video output cards that perfectly align with your exacts requirements and available budget, for an unparalleled performance.

Lots of more features

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At WINJAY, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer our moviejaySX in a range of preset configurations to match your EXACT requirements. As simple as make your choice and get your license now.

3 versions available

Get your webTV up and running in a snap! The Netcaster license is the smart choice to cut down costs without sacrificing quality. Including fullHD playout, 5-layers CG, playlist scheduler, network playback, and simultaneous output to NDI output and double streaming encoder, into a quick to learn and easy to configure application.

The next step to enhance your studio workflow. moviejaySX Premium is packed with an unparalled suite of even more cutting-edge features including playlist transitions, simultaneous IP and and native Decklink I/O, multioverlay graphics, picture squeeze, audio processor, external feeds integration, video router management, all carefully crafted for a superior user experience.

The full featured application including 4K and 8K playout, uMAM, constant bitrate, DVB-compatible SRT streaming, plus the Music Pack to run your fully automated a music channel in a box.


Are you curious about the endless possibilities our applications can offer? Request a demo now and experience firsthand how moviejaySX can revolutionize your workflow.

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