moviejayHX corporate TV playout automation main screen


The corporate automation suite

Experience the power of a fully featured corporate-grade TV playout automation suite. Imagine a smooth, collaborative, multi-channel workflow that will assists you to deliver top-quality programming. Seamlessly integrated with a playlist scheduler, multilayer CG, engaging popup ads, cutting-edge h264 & h265 streaming/IP output, EPG features, moviejayHX ensures that your content delivery will be of the highest quality with multiformat playout capabilities up to 8K and even 3D. Whether you cater to a regional or nation-wide audience, moviejayHX will guarantee a consistently absorbing experience for your viewers.

Play any format

Imagine leaving behind the time-consuming maze of technical hurdles and resource-draining format conversions. Picture this: multiple codecs seamlessly playing out within the same playlist, dynamically scaling resolutions, effortlessly adjusting aspect ratios and tweaking frame rates. The moviejayHX cutting-edge playout engine takes it a step further enabling direct file playout from NLE with no transcoding, to proficiently manage a wide array of the major industry-standard media codecs. With moviejayHX, you’re not just reducing costs, you’re embracing a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with the demands of a market striving for unparalleled performance.

moviejayHX TV playout automation video format comparison

Experience unparalleled video quality with our cutting-edge playout engine. Now, you can effortlessly capture and playback content in stunning full resolution, whether it’s Ultra HD, 4K, or even 8K videos, all while ensuring seamless compatibility with all SD and HD-SDI equipment. Witness the incredible power of up to 16 times the resolution of standard 1080 HD video, boasting an impressive 7680 x 4320 image size. Such capability makes moviejaySX the ultimate choice for broadcasters tasked with managing a diverse library of mixed media content.

Screen sample with CG overlay enabledScreen sample with CG overlay disabled

CG & channel branding

Experience the power of our cutting-edge integrated CG engine, taking you from basic station watermarks to awe-inspiring projects with multiple layers of impactful graphics. Enhance your content effortlessly with the picture squeeze feature, bringing channel branding within a single click’s reach. The highly intuitive CG Editor enables you to effortlessly position and manipulate various objects on your screen with a simple drag and drop. Or, you can switch to expert mode and manage single tags and properties with your favourite XML code editor. Facing a time crunch for last-minute graphics? Our double editor feature empowers you to compose and preview projects off-air before seamlessly applying the edits to the main output. Embark on a journey of boundless creativity as you add eye-catching text, library pictures, fresh looking crawl and roll tickers, HTML5 animations, engaging subtitles, real-time RSS feeds, and dynamic XML tables, plus much more compelling elements. Whether it is a live event or filed media, the moviejayHX CG overlays immersive and captivating on-screen graphics that enhance the viewers’ experience, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Virtual ads

moviejayHX allows the seamless insertion of advertising banners, HTML5 animations, logos and graphic objects into broadcasting of movies, sport events or any other live show. You can now offer your sponsors an effective and innovate way of promoting their brand and products without even stopping the actual programming.

moviejayHX TV playout automation virtual ads sample

Exact scheduling

The core of a TV workflow lies in its playlist manager. The moviejayHX integrated playlist manager streamlines operations, automatically compiling, saving, and executing daily schedules effortlessly, with a mere handful of clicks. It encompasses a range of events from logo swapping, loading of graphics projects, switching of live and network feeds, facilitating seamless inclusion of special segments and promotions. Advanced features like random clip selection, forced events, custom command execution and more enhance its robust scheduling capabilities. Live assist integration ensures smooth transitions between pre-scheduled content and live broadcasts, enabling you to deliver captivating content while upholding a unique identity in a competitive industry.

moviejayHX TV playout automation - playlist scheduling board
moviejayHX TV playout automation commercial scheduler

Manage ads

Imagine the power of managing commercial slots at your fingertips. Integrating a full featured commercial planner, moviejayHX is carefully designed to effortlessly merge with your workflow and unlock unparalleled commercial success. You’ll be able to meticulously plan and organize your customers’ ads into specific time slots to ensure a seamless and targeted delivery of promotional content to the intended audience. But it doesn’t stop there. The clever moviejayHX automation takes the stage, dynamically rotating between time slots and shuffling within each to optimize exposure. No more category conflicts, no listener fatigue – just optimized advertising.

Run a music channel

Discover the power of moviejayHX Music Pack and enjoy effortless management of a near-zero maintenance music channel. Picture this: a seamless blend of automatically selected clips based on a mix of rigorous criteria, such as genre, nationality, release date, beats per minute, resulting in a self refreshing sequence of tracks. Our cutting-edge algorithms will ensure each clip within a criteria gets its time in the spotlight before being selected again. Rest assured that you won’t suffer from the dreaded déjà vu of repeated clips and artists, while as music director you own the ability to set time-based rules to ensure fair rotation across the entire library and keep a minimum stand-by time for each track. All the above, enhanced by captivating real-time graphic overlays based on animated HTML5 banners. Define countless different timelines queueing elements for clip titles, artists, coming next, story of, and more, tailoring them to the vibe of each playlist. Just imagine, when a slot of classic rock starts jamming, picture some nostalgic overlays that will send you back in time from the trendy top 100.

Use any card

moviejayHX boasts a compelling advantage by providing native driver support for a wide range of video input/output cards from leading manufacturers, as well as NDI. This greatly enhances the software’s flexibility and compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with various hardware setups and contributing to a highly reliable broadcasting environment. As a broadcaster, you can now effortlessly select from an extensive range of video output cards that perfectly align with your exacts requirements and available budget, for an unparalleled performance.

Lots of neat features

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