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Explore our wide choice of radio and TV automation products, ranging from radio automation to TV playout, commercial splitting, ingest, legal logging, time shifting, media asset management, up to customized solutions. With selected applications now offered through an affordable monthly subscription model, you can tailor our applications to your exact requirements, saving valuable money. Whether you cater to a regional or nationwide audience, our comprehensive offering ensures a consistently engaging and captivating experience for your viewers.

moviejaySX small business playout

Introducing moviejaySX, the broadcast-grade TV playout that fits right into a channel-in-a-box approach. Seamlessly integrated with a playlist scheduler, multilayer CG, cutting-edge h264 & h265 streaming/IP output, SRT & CBR encoder, μMAM (micro MAM) and audio processor features, moviejaySX ensures top-class content delivery with mixed HD, 4K and 8K multiformat playout. Whether you’re a webcaster, local channel, or multi-channel satellite uplink provider, we’ve got you covered exactly within your budget.

from € 69/month

moviejayHX corporate automation suite

Experience the power of a fully featured corporate-grade TV playout automation suite. Imagine a smooth, collaborative, multi-channel workflow that will assists you to deliver top-quality programming. Seamlessly integrated with a playlist scheduler, multilayer CG, engaging popup ads, cutting-edge h264 & h265 streaming/IP output, EPG features, moviejayHX ensures that your content delivery will be of the highest quality with multiformat playout capabilities up to 8K and even 3D. Whether you cater to a regional or nation-wide audience, moviejayHX will guarantee a consistently absorbing experience for your viewers.

capturejayHX ingest and legal logging

Step into the world of state-of-the-art video ingest and compliance logging. Imagine an application carefully engineered for real-time, multipurpose audio/video capture, offering unmatched reliability on a wide range of boards including Blackmagic, Deltacast, Stream Labs, as well as NDI sources, thus ensuring seamless integration with your setup. CapturejayHX works as hands-on, scheduled ingest server, or compliance logging of the latest 30 days of your broadcast (or more). Just set the required amount of days to keep track of and forget it: CapturejayHX will record uninterrupted 24/7 and manage file rotating itself, ensuring your full compliance with your local broadcasting authority.

timejayHX time shifting

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution for flawless 24/7 timeshifting ? Engineered with the latest available technology and tailored for unsurpassed performance, timejayHX stands as your definitive answer. Boasting native support for Blackmagic, Deltacast, Stream Labs cards, or IP input/output up to 8K, timejayHX is designed with a focus on robustness, ensuring uninterrupted timeshifting even in demanding broadcasting environments. Integrating channel branding and audio processing features, timejayHX empowers you to effortlessly put new “+1” channels on the air with unparalled ease. Whether you manage a DVB-T2 channel or a satellite teleport, timejayHX will render the process effortless while saving you from purchase of additional playout automation 

mediajayHX media asset management

Are you ready to transform the way you perceive media management? Imagine a world where your ideas never fade into the background while wasting time between fuitless searches and clunky interfaces. The journey starts here, with mediajayHX, where your media assets are more than just scattered video clips and multimedia resources, lost in the maze of applications and systems. mediajayHX isn’t just a Media Asset Management (MAM); it’s a bridge that opens your media to your workgroup, managed by a client/server architecture that ensures your ideas flow smoothly from conception to creation.

winjayVX radio automation software

winjayVX brings the broadcast-grade radio automation within the budget of local channels. Experience a true multi-overlap audio engine playing a mix of formats on any off-the-shelf sound card. Unlock the power of the random music scheduler, speaker ovelaps, integration of external feeds, plus a wide range of exciting features to surprise your audience. Keep an edge over the competition with an incredible ease use in both live assist or fully automated programming.

from € 39/month

splitjayVX commercial splitting

Manage commercial splitting up to 8 distinct destinations efforlessly through a single workstation. Use the centralized interface on WinjayVX radio automation as a single point of access to assign specific ads to specific destinations so they reach the intended audience only. Link more modules and watch your splitting potential grow exponentially from 8 to 16, 24, and beyond. Whether it’s regional targeting, audience segmentation, or time-specific distribution, SplitjayVX has you covered.

logjayVX capture and legal logging

Step right into state-of-the-art audio capture and compliance logging. logjayVX is carefully engineered for real-time capture and logging, offering unmatched reliability from broadcast grade to any off-the-shelf sound card. The application works as hands-on, scheduled capture or long time compliance logging of the latest 30 days of your broadcast (or more). Just set how many days to care about and forget it. logjayVX will capture non-stop 24/7 and even purge the oldest recording automatically to make space for the new ones. Stay compliant with your local broadcasting authority effortlessly.