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The professional radio automation

winjayVX brings the broadcast-grade radio automation software within the budget of local channels. Experience a true multi-overlap audio engine playing a mix of formats on any off-the-shelf sound card. Unlock the power of the random music scheduler, speaker ovelaps, integration of external feeds, plus a wide range of exciting features to surprise your audience. Keep an edge over the competition with an incredible ease use in both live assist or fully automated programming.

winjayVX radio automation software - multiformat playback

Multioverlap playback

Never worry about compatibility issues again. The WinjayVX multiformat, multi-overlap playback boasts an impressive range of supported standards, ensuring that you can queue and overlap a mix of any audio format hassle-free. Whether it’s a uncompressed WAV file or an mp3 or m4a, you can trust on winjayVX cutting-edge engineering to play your media files flawlessly and deliver the utmost quality to your audience.

winjayVX radio automation software - random music scheduler

Random music rotation

Random music rotation is a fundamental feature in a radio automation workflow. Carefully engineered to enhance the variety of music programming, the winjayVX random music scheduler offers all the required functionalities to automate playlist generation. Picture this: a seamless blend of auto selected tunes based on a mix of rigorous criteria, such as genre, nationality, release date, beats per minute, resulting in a self refreshing mix of tracks. With its cutting-edge algorithms, rest assured that you won’t suffer from the dreaded déjà vu of repeated songs and artists, while as music director you own the ability to set time-based rules to ensure fair rotation across the entire library and keep a minimum stand-by time for each track. Your station now can effortlessly maintain an engaging and dynamic playlist that perfectly caters to your audience’s genre. And the best part? You’ll save precious time compared to the hassle of manual scheduling.

winjayVX radio automation software - playlist scheduling board

Full featured scheduler

The core of a dynamic radio station’s workflow lies in its playlist manager. The winjayVX integrated playlist manager streamlines operations, automatically compiling, saving, and executing daily schedules with a simple click. It encompasses a range of functions from random music selection to live feed integration, facilitating seamless inclusion of special segments and promotions. Advanced attributes like forced events, external feeds, custom command execution and more enhance its robust scheduling capabilities. Live assist integration ensures smooth transitions between pre-scheduled content and live broadcasts, enabling radio stations to deliver captivating content while upholding their unique identity in a competitive industry.

winjayVX radio automation software - advertising scheduler

Manage advertising

Imagine the power of managing commercial slots at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrating a full featured commercial planner, WinjayVX offers a range of features carefully designed to effortlessly merge with your workflow and unlock unparalleled commercial success. Figure this: you’ll be able to meticulously plan and organize your customers’ ads into specific time slots to ensure a seamless and targeted delivery of promotional content to the intended audience. But it doesn’t stop there. The clever WinjayVX automation takes the stage, dynamically rotating between time slots and shuffling within each to optimize exposure. No more category conflicts, no listener fatigue – just optimized advertising.

Perfect transactions

Discover the outstanding winjayVX database manager, designed to seamlessly file, retrieve and integrate any audio media into live assist or full automated playlists. Carefully engineered on a mySQL client/server architecture, it provides an almost zero-maintenance assurance, ensuring the safety and security of your valuable data. Whether it involves batch editing, playlist composition or live assist, the database engine ensures smooth and error-free transactions. Empower your team with its multiuser, multichannel capabilities and dive into the world of limitless possibilities.

winjayVX radio automation software - client/server database architecture

Speaker overlaps

Unleash the power of speaker overlaps with our intelligently adapting technology. Turn a boring playlist into a sensational near-live show as winjayVX automatically triggers speaker overlaps, catching songs’ intro, outro markers, and crossfades, ensuring a flawless performance every time. And if there is no right fit, the virtual speaker will auto mute, so you’ll never risk to speak over the artist’s voice.

winjayVX radio automation software - any soundcard support

Use any card

Experience the full power of winjayVX without the burden of any specialized hardware or expensive sound cards. Our careful engineering ensures a remarkably light CPU load and exceptional performance, starting from any off-the-shelf core i5 workstation. Seamlessly integrating with a wide choice of sound cards from top-tier manufacturers, including Dante© DVS, winjayVX offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility. Now, you can effortlessly choose from an extensive selection of hardware configurations that perfectly align with your specific requirements and budget, always delivering unmatched performance.

Lots of neat features

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At WINJAY, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer our winjayVX in a range of preset configurations to match your EXACT requirements. As simple as make your choice and get your license now.

winjayVX radio automation software - 3 different versions available
Everything you need to start automating your radio station in a matter of minutes: multiformat, gapless playout engine, full automation and live assist, off-the-air cueing and trimming, playlist scheduling, random music scheduler, multiple overlap jingle palette, saytime , offline playlist and database editor, asrun logs
Your next step in growing up your business, including virtual speakers, external feeds and metadata streaming. Includes all winjayVX Atom features, plus: virtual speaker overlaps, rebroadcasting of external feeds, event triggering from external source, loss of audio detector, smart preview of random scheduler, off-the-air crossfade previews, shoutcast/Icecast metadata update, intro loop, forced event management, undockable windows
The full featured application, featuring all winjayVX Premium features, plus: comprehensive commercial planner, advertising manager, Smart Opener feature, RDS automation, SMS receiver