timejayHX broadcast time delay - live and delay screen


Your ultimate 24/7 time delay solution

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution for flawless 24/7 timeshifting ? Engineered with the latest available technology and tailored for unsurpassed performance, timejayHX stands as your definitive answer. Boasting native support for Blackmagic, Deltacast, Stream Labs cards, or IP input/output up to 8K, timejayHX is designed with a focus on robustness, ensuring uninterrupted timeshifting even in demanding broadcasting environments. Integrating channel branding and audio processing features, timejayHX empowers you to effortlessly put new “+1” channels on the air with unparalled ease. Whether you manage a DVB-T2 channel or a satellite teleport, timejayHX will render the process effortless while saving you from purchase of additional playout automation systems.

Delay as you require

TimejayHX boasts an adaptable multichannel framework, carefully engineered to offer unparalleled flexibility. With support from 1 to 8 channels on a single workstation or server, timejayHX empowers you to scale your workflow effortlessly. What’s more, a single recording module can feed 2 or more player modules. This means that you’ll be able to craft a diverse array of channels, each with its unique time delays, all sourced from the same origin.

CG & channel branding

Experience the power of our cutting-edge integrated CG engine, taking you from basic station watermarks to awe-inspiring projects with multiple layers of impactful graphics. Enhance your content effortlessly with the picture squeeze feature, bringing channel branding within a single click’s reach. The highly intuitive CG Editor enables you to effortlessly position and manipulate objects as text, pictures, crawl and roll tickers, HTML5 animations, engaging subtitles, real-time RSS feeds, and dynamic XML tables with a simple drag and drop. The timejayHX CG will always overlay immersive and captivating on-screen graphics that enhance the viewers’ experience, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Screen sample with CG overlay enabledScreen sample with CG overlay disabled

Any Card

timejayHX provides native driver support for a wide range of video input/output cards from leading manufacturers. This ensures seamless integration with your existing equipment, allowing you to to perfectly align your choice with your exacts requirements and available budget, for an unparalleled performance.

Consistent audio

The integrated audio processor delivers constant on-the-fly levelling of audio output, thus avoiding nasty volume changes between different contents, for example between movies and advertising.

timejayHX broadcast time delay - integrated audio processor

Delay up to 8K

With timejayHX you can effortlessly delay your programming in stunning full resolution, whether it’s Ultra HD, 4K or even 8K, all while ensuring seamless compatibility with all SD and HD-SDI equipment.

timejayHX broadcast time delay - manage up to 8K

Any in, any out

Depending on the hardware configuration, timejayHX supports virtually any input, ranging from component to SDI, HDMI, NDI, streaming, virtual device with simultaneous output to any of the above.

timejayHX broadcast time delay - manage any input any output

Are you ready
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At WINJAY, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer our timejayHX in a range of customizable configurations, tailored to suit your exact requirements.


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