Picture this: you’re running a YouTube channel and struggling to grow up your views. With ever increasing competition, many creators face this exact challenge. You are aware that views and engagement are the key for the success and growth of your channel and to stand out, you need a unique strategy that draws more eyes to your content.

The surprising solution?  Leveraging a 24/7 YouTube live stream can significantly boost your visibility and engagement.

Why going pre-recorded ?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of scheduled live streams on YouTube. But what exactly is a 24/7 live stream, and how is it different from other types of live streams?

Unlike scheduled live streaming, which occurs at specific times, content creators running a 24/7 YouTube live streaming offer a continuous flow of content that is always available to viewers, no matter when they tune in around the clock. This is achieved by using pre-recorded videos, which are scheduled to play in a few looped streams or in a specific order. or randomly, for example LoFi music.

Comparing to just going live, running a playlist of pre-recorded videos comes with several benefits. First, you have more control over the content, ensuring it’s engaging and polished so your viewers can get the best quality content at any time they tune in, and most importantly meets the community standards before it goes live.

Pre-recorded videos can help save time and resources as you can edit media content in bulk and schedule it to go live at specific time of the day. This can be especially useful if you’re managing multiple channels or have limited resources, as it allows you to reuse the same media on different channels and/or at different schedules, without constantly generating new ideas or dedicating significant time and effort to content creation.

And finally, by incorporating real-time overlays such as pop-up ads, breaking news, RSS feeds and more, your static content will be continuously refreshed with dynamic graphics. The existing content serves as a versatile backdrop for ever-changing graphical overlays, ensuring it appears new and engaging with each broadcast.

3 game-changing benefits of 24/7 Live Streaming

Running a 24/7 YouTube live stream comes with significant advantages for your channel. A continuous streaming deepens your brand’s presence, boosts viewership and watch time but also attracts new audiences and opens up monetization opportunities. By transforming casual viewers into a loyal community of fans, a 24/7 live stream can be a game-changer for your channel’s growth and success. Let’s delve in details into the benefits that such choice can bring to your channel:

  • Attracting new audience

Running a 24/7 live stream on YouTube elevates your content strategy far beyond single-shot video clips. You channel changes into a TV-like experience, offering continuous, engaging content that viewers can access anytime. Such an approach not only captivates your audience but also draws in new viewers who are seeking something fresh and engaging to watch.

  • Improving watch time

YouTube’s algorithm heavily favors watch time, that is the total minutes viewers spend watching your content before they move on. Running a 24/7 live stream can substantially increase your overall watch time, thereby improving your videos ranking within YouTube’s search engine results and expanding your audience reach.

  • Generating profitable revenue

As your channel’s watch time increases, unlocking monetization opportunities like ads, sponsorships, and product placements becomes easier. Investing in a 24/7 live-like stream can easily elavate your passion into a profitable full-time job.

A crucial tool: the playout automation

Definitively, 24/7 YouTube live streaming can offer many benefits to content creators, including increased views, engagement, and subscriber growth. By providing viewers with a constant stream of fresh content, creators can keep their audience engaged and build a loyal fan base.

Despite the challenge of running a 24/7 live stream, this can be overcome with careful planning and the use of adequate tools, such as a well designed video editing software, and our moviejaySX playout application. 

We encourage you to give 24/7 live streaming a try. You’ll just need 1) your existing internet connection 2) a suitable Windows-based PC dedicated to this task. We offer monthly subscription plans that come complete with premium support, so you don’t have to invest a capital to get started.

Also, to ensure your safety and smooth operation, our subscription plans are supplied with detailed documentation, training resources, and a premium technical support service, which turns invaluable for initial configurations and troubleshooting issues.

Now that you know how beneficial 24/7 YouTube live stream is, check the so many resources available online, including YouTube’s Creators and other tutorials and guides. By experimenting with different formats and strategies, you can find the approach that works best for you and your audience. Thank you for reading!

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